The older I get, the more I start to think about what I should be doing to take care of myself. I should probably drink less Coke, I should probably spend less nights on the couch watching TV, and I should probably be taking at least a multi-vitamin and possible some supplements daily to ensure I can keep my cholesterol down, maintain a healthy heart, and keep my energy level up. Of the things I SHOULD be doing, adding a vitamin and supplements seems to be the easiest way to give my health a boost in 2011 – but where to start? I was in Publix last night looking at all of the vitamins and supplements available and my head started spinning just thinking about all of the options. I noticed several brands of fish oil, which is recommended by the American Heart Association to reduce cardiovascular problems. What I didn’t realize is that some fish oils are mass produced by fish farms, resulting in fish being injected or subjected to chemicals or dyes. Even when fish oil is obtained from “wild” fish, the fish sometimes have a high level of mercury and metals. Worse yet…these versions of fish oil can result in an upset stomach and fishy burps, or a bad taste in your mouth. I’m definitely not interested in any of that!

As I did a little more digging into my options, I learned about Krill Oil. Krill are tiny little crustaceans that are at the bottom of the food chain – they’re mostly whale food, with a seals and penguins enjoying them as a tasty snack as well. Krill Oil contains all of the good stuff contained in fish oil, and none of the bad! Even better, Krill Oil has more antioxidants than Vitamin A, E or Lycopene, eliminating the need for extra supplements for the purpose of ingesting extra antioxidants. Krill are metal and mercury free and found in the wild naturally, meaning no chemicals or dyes make their way into the Krill Oil. It’s 11 times more effective than fish oil at lowering bad cholesterol and 6 times more effective for reducing wrinkles – YES!! Learn more about the benefits of Krill Oil online and discover how you can improve your memory, eliminate aches and pains and avoid the fish burps!

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Most Americans are suffering the ‘crunch’ of the country’s current financial state. It costs more just to live our normal day to day lives while our incomes stay the same…if you are lucky enough to have not lost your job during these tough economic times. The prices of groceries have almost doubled in comparison to about five years ago and the price of gas is a constant roller-coaster.

Besides having to deal with the cost of everyday living, being able to handle unexpected financial obligations is equally important. Whether it is a happy occasion, like a wedding or your children continuing their education at college, or some unforeseen issue like having to repair a broken dishwasher or replace your car’s tires, that necessitate extra funds, it is important that you determine what your options are so that you make a wise financial decision.

If you need extra cash, hopefully you have some money saved. If you don’t have any sort of emergency funds, you should consider utilizing a personal loan to help satisfy your monetary needs. When utilized responsibly, this type of financing will provide a helpful boost when you need extra cash the most. Websites like Choice Personal Loans make applying for personal loans incredibly quick and easy. They offer as little as $100 to as much as $50,000 and will work with you to develop a custom tailor loan that fits your needs and budget, even if you have poor credit or a history of bankruptcy, foreclosure and/or repossession. The mandatory requirements for approval consideration are simple; you must be at least 18 years of age, employed and a citizen of the United States.

Besides their standard personal loan offers, Choice also provides special purpose loans like good and bad credit wedding loans, vacation loans and many more. They offer a wide variety of programs that will help you satisfy your financial needs.

Surviving on a budget is never easy or fun but it is important to not forget that you have realistic options when you are in need of extra cash, fast.

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Anyone still reading this blog has no doubt figured out that I’m not walking in a breast cancer walk this year. With completing my Bachelor’s degree and studying for an HR certification, there just isn’t any time to train or raise the funds required to participate.

However, I am doing a 1/2 marathon soon with folks from my office for the Lymphoma Society. No fundraising required, just the commitment of my time. I’ve been walking about 5 miles a week to prepare myself for the 13 mile walk.

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In just over a week, I’ll be on my way to New York City to participate in my THIRD breast cancer walk, and I think this one is going to be the best time so far.

You may recall that I spent 2 of my 3 days walking in Philly (2006) getting rained on. That’s dedication. Last year, the temperatures were in the upper 90’s as I stumbled my way through Tampa Bay. That’s nuts. This year, the weather in NYC is promising highs in the mid 70’s and overnight lows in the low 50’s. That’s perfect!

(I feel like one of the three bears!)

As of right now, I am $425 away from my goal of $1800 raised. My donation ticker says I’m $400 away, but I’m sitting on a check for $25 from my godmother – I’ll turn it in when I get to the Event Eve site at the Sheraton in Manhattan next Friday. It’s not too late for you to donate!

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So there are 26 (eek!) days until the Avon Walk in New York, and I’m still a bit away from my goal. I’m at $1150 right now, with a $100 donation in the mail to the Avon folks, and a promise of a donation from my sister’s friend Leebo coming as well. That’ll put me right around $1300 or $1350, depending on how generous Leebo is feeling. There’s not a single free weekend before the walk for me to spend any time soliciting donations, so we’ll be wrapping that up after the walk. I’ve got 30 days after the walk to get to my $1800 goal, or it comes out of MY pocket.

That said, feel free to donate!

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I know times are tough. The economy stinks and gas is $4, but in times like this, we still need to be charitable – there are ALWAYS people who have less than us, due to circumstances beyond their control. That’s why I am walking for the 3rd year in a row in a breast cancer walk.

This October (just 49 days from now!) I will be walking nearly 40 miles over the course of a weekend as a participant in an Avon Walk for Breast Cancer event. Once again I am honored to be walking with thousands of others who have made the same courageous commitment: to help raise awareness and funding for this devastating disease. We will sleep in tents, shower in semi-trucks, and push ourselves far beyond what we ever thought we were capable of doing.

This isn’t the first time you’ve heard something like this from me and it probably won’t be the last. Why do I continue to push myself to participate in these events? Why do I keep talking about breast cancer? Why do I continue to fundraise and train? Why? Because when I first started participating in these events I only knew one person that had been touched by breast cancer. Now I know more than I can count. The numbers are not improving. The more people I talk to and the more money I raise to fund the fight against breast cancer – the sooner the numbers start turning around and the sooner a cause and a cure are found.

I truly believe that finding the cure to one cancer will be the key to unraveling the mysteries of many cancers. Too many people have had their lives torn apart by this disease. I refuse to sit idly by and watch it happen. So why do I continue to do all this? Because I can.

To participate in each event every walker must raise a minimum of $1800 – and I have raised $915 so far. I need YOUR help to make my goal and participate…I can’t do this alone! Every little bit helps, whether your donation is large or small. The Avon Breast Cancer Crusade will manage the money raised from these events, funding research and support services.

There are two ways you can donate to this cause and support my efforts:

1. Donate online using a debit or credit card at my Avon Walk website
2. Send your donation to me via PayPal, and I’ll make the donation in your name using my PayPal debit card

Thank you for your unwavering support.


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Things have been quiet on the Avon walk front. Our last fundraiser was several weeks ago, and I’ve received one huge donation since – my sister sent me $250! (This seems like a good time to mention that you can donate to the Avon walk and choose a flexible payment option which allows you to split up your donation over several months. It makes things less painful on your purse.)

Anyway, with the walk looming on the horizon, it seems like a good time for me to start thinking about my health – before, during, and after the walk. You’ll remember that in the first year of my breast cancer walking, I ended up at the doctor a week or so later, with unbearable pain in my knee. He chalked it up to walking 60 miles in 3 days and prescribed a brace for me to wear. With my cheap health insurance, the whole visit, including a quick x-ray, only cost me $40!

In 2007, I knew what to expect and wasn’t surprised when my legs started hurting during the walk. I spent a lot of time at the medical tent icing and wrapping my legs. No visit to the doctor needed.

This year, I’ll be in New York for the walk. It’s a shorter distance, so I’m hoping that means less pain.

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At a recent fundraiser for our Avon Walk, we had more than one person ask us how she could walk, or how she could get involved with Avon as a volunteer for the walk. All we were able to do was to tell people the website address for the walk, so I’ve been brainstorming on ways to easily share that information if we’re asked at our next fundraiser. I think I’ve got it…

I’m contemplating ordering business cards from VistaPrint that will provide people with the URL for this blog. I think the end result would be more traffic (duh) and it’s always a way to engage people who are interested in learning more about our cause. Why VistaPrint? They did my business cards for my other blog last fall, and I was super pleased with my order and the price. They do business cards, checks, baby announcements, invitations, and even car magnets. Ooh, that’s another idea! A big pink car magnet for the side of my SUV with printed across it – that would definitely get us some attention! There are definitely a lot of well priced options at VistaPrint for shameless self promotion. Hey, it’s all for a good cause, right?

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There are 158 days to go until the Avon Walk in New York City, and I’ve raised $425 of the required $1800 in donations. Not too shabby, but I can’t stop now! I have another fundraiser scheduled in a few weeks which will be another “begging for change in front of the grocery store event”. After that, I’ll take stock and see how many more fundraisers we need to schedule and work as a team.

The Positively Pink Team (not my team!) has already raised almost $30,000! And one walker has raised almost $12,000. Holy cow – those are some over achievers!

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This weekend I (along with a few members of my walking team!) will be at a local store to beg for spare change. It’s weighing your wallet down, and we’re happy to take it off your hands. If you’re in the Tampa, FL area, come out and see us!

Publix at Hollybrook Plaza
Corner of SR. 54 and Bruce B. Downs
Wesley Chapel, FL

We’ll be in front of the store from 10am until about 3pm, or sooner if we die of exhaustion. Raising money is hard work, you know!

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